자꾸 열리는 검은 속옷 / Black underwear 2017


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  Black underwear (Romance / Melo 2017) Movie Review 


Hiroki brings her fiancee, Lie, who has lost her memory, to her home. 

The doctor says that there is no chance for memory to come back, but it is the appearance of Hiroki who nurses and protects her memory 

She also struggles to regain lost memories. 

Then one day Lie meets a strange woman who knows herself in a bar. 

And she, from Satomi, is told about the past and the villain of the business that she worked in the entertainment business. 

So Satomi finds her memories thanks to Satomi, finds her name not Lie, 

His fiancée, Hiroki, also remembers that he works as a secretary and bodyguard from under the glass. 

In the end, when everything Hiroki said was revealed to be a lie, Lily shares her last affair with him and soon kills him. 

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