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Sora, an aspiring actress, is auditioned every time she is in need. Suddenly, he gets a chance to catch a disappointing Sora Seung-hyun tells club M. As soon as you enter Club M, Sora will experience a mysterious experience …  Fusion to cross the era drama  king did not go down in history of shipbuilding out of the liquor and yeosaek shall take care of state affairs.  Joe’s brother-in-law, who regards this as unfavorable, seeks the position of King Joshi Tamtam.  Color (?) A woman who is a nationalist parishioner sets up a little special parasitic room called a comic book, and the rumor spreads to the ear of the king. The king wanders out of the palace for day and night and finds out that he is aware of this fact. The left solicitation leads to the comic book, and the first solicitation of the go-around is missed by her off-white color. On the other hand, Guo finds out that the person who raped her childhood is a left-handed person and promises revenge to him …

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