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Rumored Woman (2017) Watching the movie The
scenic writer Suehi, who pretends to be noble and noble, is dedicated to her work for seclusion and resurrection in a secluded place outside of Seoul, along with Oedipus complex and paranoia seizure captured by paranoia. One day, a former junior and actor, Uran, visits. As Uran goes down, he asks him to take a few days off, and Suhee inevitably receives an unpleasant surge. Yin Seok is attracted to the charming U-Ran, and Yu-Ran breaks into the room and steals the U-Ran clothes. Cheyu Ran, who does not know the fact but intentionally approaching YongSuk, and Yu-Ran and YongSeok are secretly engaged in an affair while avoiding the eyes of Su-hee, Su-hee’s long-time-written scenario is rejected by the filmmaker, PD, and is pushed back to the PD by sexual harassment and returns to Uran. In the meantime, Uran also unveils the mistake of Su-hee who deliberately puts himself in a trap, and the two women make a bloody battle in the middle of the night … The ugly past accumulated like the first wakes up with a terrible blood.

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