Love, feel the body 2017


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All you want is my body!
I just love the body of a woman!

Emiko and Hiroshi sitting in the wet naked looking forward to each other. When Emiko shed a tear, Hiroshi grabbed her shoulder gently.
Emiko and Hiroshi are senior high school newspapers.
One day when Emiko falls into class and spends time in the club room, Hiroshi proposes a kiss to Emiko.
“Do you like me?” “No, I just want to kiss you.” Emiko allows kissing.
Two people sitting in the café after school that day. Emiko confesses his feelings about Hiroshi in his mind.
Hiroshi refuses, saying that she likes the body of a woman. Since then, Hiroshi has been avoiding Emiko.
“I want to keep touching you when I see you.”, “You want me to be the only body you want?”, Emiko becomes even more active and becomes his sex partner.
Emiko, who has given up her mother’s blame and college education over time, leaves for Tokyo to stay near Hiroshi. So the physical relationship of the two persists.
Emiko who threw herself to get love, Hiroshi holding her to crave body. Can two people have what they want each other to the end?

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