Prospective House – Delicious Sex


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  • Synopsis : Dongwon and Miae, who are married for eight years in marriage, and Ji Yun who moved to the next house. She does not even think about hiring a job. Without knowing that, Dongwon waits only for her to leave for sex with her. One day, a young man who enjoys playing with a stranger and leaves home gets angry and tired because of mobilization demanding persistent sex. Jiyoon has a man to hang out with. One day she witnesses a man cheating, but she can not tell if she wants to break up. However, JiYoon is moving in a frustrating way with the intention of catching the playboy. Right after Dongwon and Mi Ae. Ji Yoon and Dongwon who became familiar with helping to organize Ji Yun’s moving box. Dongwon and Jiyoon who are going to have sex even after passing the road gradually fall into each other. One day, she begins to feel that her husband is neglected and that something is strange …
Prospective House – Delicious Sex



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